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Accounting Services

Full service accounting for your business. READ MORE

Human Resource Services

Complete Human Resource processes for your business. READ MORE

Purchasing Services

Total purchasing services to manage your logistic needs. READ MORE

IT Services

Complete IT service and support to manage your business. READ MORE

Accounting Services

Accounting Services For All Your Needs

Accounts Payable

• Process invoices on a weekly basis. • Verify key information such as invoice date, invoice number, and amount. • Produce weekly check run reports to decision maker. • Cut checks based on feedback and approval from company decision maker. • Produce 1099’s each year based upon vendor information received from the company. • Produce AP aging report upon request from company decision maker. • Serve as primary point of contact for company vendors.

Sales Auditing

• Verify daily sales each week. • Confirm deposit amount to deposit ticket. • Confirm paid out amounts and categories to receipts. • Confirm POS Sales Reports to BOH reporting software. • Royalty reporting (if applicable) • Percentage rent reporting (if applicable)


• Weekly/bi-weekly/monthly processing • Payment choices (direct deposit or check) • Deduct federal, state, and local taxes • Deduct health, vision, and life insurance based upon information from employer • Regular tax updates for state, local, and federal changes • W-2 processing (online reporting available)

Financial Reporting

• Profit & loss statements delivered on an agreed upon day following the period end date. • Balance sheets • Cash flow statements • Intercompany accounting • Consolidation reporting • Budget comparison reports (upon request) • Trend analysis reports (upon request) • Coordination and completion of financial reviews and audits by outside firms (if applicable) • Fixed asset account management and depreciation schedules

Tax and Compliance

• Sales and Liquor Tax filing and payment • State and local license applications and renewals • Federal, State, and Local payroll tax filing and payment


• Period bank account reconciliations • Monthly reconciliations of key balance sheet accounts (to be agreed upon) • Quarterly reconciliations of all balance sheet accounts

Human Resources

Complete Human Resource Services.


• Coordinate Audits Services (401K, DOL) • EEOC Reporting (EE01) • Create/Update/Maintain Employee Handbooks (includes Annual Revision) • Create/Update/Maintain HR related Policies & Procedures • Create/Update/Maintain HR Operations Procedures for Managers (managers guide to HR process/procedures) • Create/Update/Manage Employee files/records • Manage State & Federal Compliance Poster Program (cost of posters not included) • Create/Select HR Compliance Training- Content Development & Train the Trainer (video costs if necessary not included)

Benefits Management

• Provide strategic oversight of Benefits programs (competitive & comparative for industry and size, provider review/recommendation, PPACA Compliance Management) • Benefits Administration -Manage open enrollments and monthly newly eligible enrollments for each employee company (education, communication, materials, application processing, premium allocation, enter payroll deductions, carriers submission/forms, and paperwork/filing) -Manage Eligibility, billing (reconciliation, adjustments), and COBRA notifications – Customer Service (answering employees and dependents questions, provide materials) -Compliance (complete census data for providers at annual, mid-year and as requested) • Manage LOA/FMLA tracking and compliance • Manage workers compensation & guest injury reporting to insurance companies • Manage vacation (inquiries on individual vacation accrued/used)

Performance Management

• Create/Update/Maintain job descriptions for all positions • Create/Update/maintain performance review, coaching, disciplinary action, and termination process and documentation • Provide training/support for managers on performance management

Employee Relations

• Receive/investigate/resolve employee complaints/issues (i.e. harassment, wrongful termination, unfair practice, wage & hour, etc.) • Assist with messaging/communication on employee related issues • Provide support/counseling/guidance for managers on all employee related issues • Manager training on HR related topic (i.e. interviewing, coaching, harassment, etc.)- Content development & GM audience delivery

Staffing and Recruting

• Process background checks for salaried managers & above (cost of report not included) • Process selection assessment via Batrus Hollweg (cost of assessment not included) • JobApp Administration/Service for maintaining applications, new hire paperwork, E-verify (when applicable) • Prepare offer letters for salaried employees • Salaried level search support (create/review job description)

HR Administration

• Process/Respond to all unemployment requests • Process/Respond to all summons/subpoenas • Process/Respond to wage verification/requests • Provide monthly turnover reporting • Acquisition support • Proved consulting to payroll provider on HR, DOL, DHS, etc. related issues and requests • Provide litigation preparation (documentation, logistics, POC for attorney and situation overview) • Administer Human Resource information system (Great Plains) • JobApp network- Administration

IT Services

PCI Compliance

• Coordinate with POS vendors- keep software up to date • Configure PCI DSS compliant Firewall rules • Maintain SAQ • Administer required contracts for PCI DSS security scans

Network Connectivity

• VPN to home office • Email/Microsoft Exchange • Paperless transactions • Remote backup

Point of Sale Services

• Menu Programming • Hardware Support -Configure and ship new equipment – Refurbish old equipment -Valuation/depreciation assessment • Hotline Support -After hours and weekend support -Work order/eTicket tracking system • Back Office Server -Project Planning 1. Specify equipment list 2. Act as purchasing agent 3. Build 4. Test 5. Stage/Ship -Disaster recovery • Extended Service Contracts and POS Integration -Loyalty -Gift Card

CTUIT Analytics

• Project implementation planning and management • User Security and Maintenance • Training

Credit Card Processing

• Facilitate establishing contract with Payment Processor • Setup POS for use with Payment Processor • Troubleshoot transaction issues between POS and Payment Processor • Identify proper hardware, act as purchasing agent

Store Services

• Internet Service Provider contracts • Phone Service Contracts • Technical Liaison to third party vendors

Purchasing Services

Point of Contact for Broad Line Distributors

• Communicate inventory needs- specified items, new menus, LTO’s • Address and resolve service level issues- out of stocks, deliver times • Monthly price audit- discrepancy report attached • Liaison between store level operations and distribution centers

Vendor Management

• Negotiate and maintain vendor purchasing agreements -Guaranteed cost, rebates, market hedge purchases -Currently have agreements on over 3,000 items -Recent activity savings projection attached • Facilitate vendor rebate billing- rebate collection and distribution of rebates to restaurant concepts • Resolve QA issues • Maintain data base of all vendor programs • Coordinate savings via buying groups

Product R&D

• Facilitate samples and cuttings of potential menu/LTO items • Advise of pricing and availability through distributors

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